Protein-Filled Diet For Dogs – How And Why?

Every animal requires a balanced diet: with fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, but their ratios vary from species to species. For optimal health, dogs need a diet that includes high-quality proteins, which is the essential nutrient in dog food. This means including ingredients that can provide the best protein for dogs, which boils down to finding raw food that contains the daily nutrient value.


Why Choose Proteins?

Dogs may be omnivores, but they depend mostly on proteins to help them survive and thrive. Proteins contain amino acids that are vital for the cell production process. If dogs do not get enough proteins, their bodies can develop a host of health problems. The best protein for dogs help in building and repairing muscles form new skin cells, and create hormones and enzymes that are needed for all bodily functions.


Best sources of protein for dogs

Protein is found in eggs, meat, and dairy products, some grains, and legumes. Raw food that has a combination of all such products is your best bet at providing your dog with optimal nutrition. Since dogs are unable to store proteins like fats, this nutrient has to be supplied in their daily diet. The exact amount of protein will vary depending upon the age and activity level of your pet. In terms of biological value that is your dog’s ability to easily digest proteins, the order is as follows:


  • Egg whites
  • Muscle meats
  • Organ meats
  • Fish


Muscle meats include meats from various sources such as lamb, chicken, and beef, while organ meats include heart, kidney, liver—your dog needs a combination of both for a balanced diet.

The best protein for dogs helps them in maintaining their coat’s shine and enhances their immune system to fight off diseases. If protein levels are higher than your pet’s requirement, then the excess will be removed from the body via urine. You may be providing the best dog food available on the market, but the protein may still fall short. These can be made up by adding raw food to his diet that contains eggs with some butter, canned fish such as sardines, salmon and mackerel, or fresh meat such as cooked chick or organ meat.  Raw dog food is best for fulfilling your dog’s overall nutritional needs since they contain all the food sources with the exact amount necessary for your pet.


Although your dog will not thrive on protein alone, it is amongst one of the most vital nutrients necessary for overall health. The best protein for dogs helps them maintain an active lifestyle, a shiny coat, hence a healthy, long life. Pets are part of the family, and they need special care since they cannot voice their worries or concerns. If their daily protein needs are met religiously, they will be your companion for a long time coming.

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