How to choose raw dog food online?

Despite having busy lives, we want to provide the best for our loved ones, and dogs are an integral part of that beloved family. Their nutritional requirements cannot be taken for granted, no matter how pressed you are for time. Having said that, not all commercial dog foods can be trusted to provide a balanced diet that your dog needs. A reliable raw dog food subscription can be a godsend, but how to choose the best one?

By looking for these 5 things in commercial raw dog food, you can relax and be guilt-free by providing your dog with the best it deserves.


  1. Meat quality

Most raw foods contain raw bones as their main component, so you must confirm the amount of lean muscle meat found in the food. The fat content can be anywhere between 2 to 13%, but anything more than this means that it’s made primarily from the trim. Too much fat can be a concern, so make sure you choose raw dog food online that provides muscle meat and bones as the base of the diet.


  1. Organs

The protein content of raw dog food should be between 14 and 19 percent, which means that organ meats should be added to the blend. Heart meat, liver, and kidneys contain essential trace minerals and vitamins in organic form, so look for choices where these valuable meats are kept intact.


  1. Bone content

Bone and meat balance is pivotal for holistic nutrition. Bone content is just as paramount as protein content, and it is provided in raw foods that use whole animals in their products. Also, change up the flavor once in a while by choosing raw turkey dog food or raw chicken dog food.


  1. Fat content

Too much fat is a concern, so anything under 15% is ideal for dogs. The need for fat can be assessed by looking at the feces of your dog. Depending on its condition, you may want to add more or less to your dog’s diet.


  1. Carbs and veggies

Carbs should be present in small amounts if the diet contains vegetables. Veggies contain fiber that helps in regulating essential bodily functions.


A well-balanced and complete raw dog food online will have all of the above food groups along with natural supplements. Opt for the best and make sure that the wet nose greets you for a long time coming!

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