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Why Raw Dog Food Is The Healthier Way To Help Your Dog Lose Weight

For dogs, extra weight creeps on unexpectedly. It only takes a few pounds, or for small dogs, a few ounces, to tip the scales. 

Obesity becomes pretty common in dogs at ...

Do Dogs Need Fruits And Veggies In A Raw Diet?

If you’ve been researching a raw diet your dog, you may notice that some diets include fruits and veggies, and others only include meat. 

Why should you feed your dog fr...

Cooked vs Raw Food For Dogs – Which Is Better?

By now, you’ve discovered the benefits of feeding your dog a fresh diet.

But should your dog’s diet be based on raw or cooked meat?

Is your dog ready for the big switch?

Transitioning your dog to a raw diet is one of the best things you can do for their health.

Have you wondered if you could ever feed your dog a raw diet…

...but hesitated because it seems complex and easy to mess up? What if you made your dog sick, or weren’t g...

Five Common Questions When Feeding Raw Dog Food

Need advice on feeding raw dog food? We've answered the five most common questions when it comes to feeding raw to your loving companion.