What’s Raw Dog Food?

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, or BARF, is formulated to closely match the canine diet that nature intended.
It’s a modern spin on your dog’s ancient roots.
While they may be far removed from their wild canine ancestors, your dog still has the inherited traits that allow them to break down fresh meat to keep their body running strong.

A diet of muscle meat, bones, and organs, plus eggs and fish, imitates the prey your dog would eat in the wild.
Additions like select fruit, veggies, and seeds fill in nutritional gaps so your dog can get a more fortifying diet than their ancestors ever did.

Cancer, diabetes, obesity, and dental disease are not in your dog’s nature.

They’re relatively new threats to your dog’s longevity, a result of our over-reliance on high-carb, highly processed foods. By going back to basics, you can turn back time on your dog’s health. .

It’s no wonder our dogs stare at us while we’re prepping meat for our own dinner. And it’s empowering to see their health thrive when we look beyond the bag.

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About Bone Appetit Raw Dog Food

All meat is not equal, and not all ingredients are clean.

Factory farmed meats are raised with antibiotics and synthetic hormones, and are force-fed with low quality grains to create meat that’s impure and void of nutrients.

Many fruits and veggies are grown with pesticides and preservatives that can have lasting effects on our health.

Bone Appetit Raw Dog Food is made with free range chicken, cage free turkey, and grass fed beef, and organic produce to provide whole food nutrition with none of the bad stuff.

Made with bone-in meat, ground, frozen, and ready to feed, you’ll never again have to worry about where your dog’s food is coming from.

Our gourmet blends are made in small batches, with both your dog’s nutrition and their need for a variety of flavors in mind.

Tantalize your dog’s taste buds and nourish their body with the very best in raw dog food.

Contact us about custom recipes for dogs with special needs, bulk order pricing, and special requests.

Shop Bone Appetit Raw Dog Food Products

About Danielle Engleman

Danielle Engleman is the founder of Bone Appetit Raw Dog Food, and a choosy pet parent just like you.

Like many of us, she fed her family dogs kibble in the past, and saw their health decline before their time. For her, it was heartbreaking to see her dogs lose their quality of life at a young age, and she wasn’t sure if she could bear to adopt another dog only to feel that heartbreak again.

Along came Oliver the French Bulldog.

He was the baby of the family, a wild child with a taste for mischief. But at just a few months old, his health issues were already slowing him down.

Oliver often had to stop mid-zoomie to scratch his back or lick his paws. Itching due to allergies was putting a restraint on his freedom to just, well, be Oliver.

Danielle tried raw dog food to see if she could eliminate allergens from his diet. Though the fresh foods greatly reduced his symptoms, he would get bored of his food once the novelty wore off.

Danielle also struggled to find a consistent source of food made from high quality ingredients that she could trust.

She looked for a raw dog food that was formulated to nourish him and impress his picky palate… but she kept coming up empty-handed.

After years of researching Oliver’s nutritional needs and creating recipes to see what would impress him. She found that he fell in love with bone-in grinds mixed with a rainbow of organic fruits, veggies, and seeds.

Now, Danielle makes small batches of Oliver’s favorite foods in her garage setup, combining the best organic, local ingredients she can find and bringing the to your doorstep.