7 Simple Rules to Get Dogs Started On Raw Food

Pets are a part of the family, and like every family, they too have individual needs that need to be looked after. We’re sure you spare all expenses to provide your dogs with the best dog food available in the market. Is the processed stuff really what’s best? If you’re thinking of switching to raw pet food, then you’re probably confused, and it’s understandable. It’s quite a significant change.  But take a leap and follow this holistic approach to get your favorite creature started on what’s truly best.


Rule # 1: the raw food must have calcium

Dog food with a reliable source of minerals is a must, especially for puppies. Calcium and phosphorous are two minerals that are vital for every dog’s survival. 1/3rd of your dog’s diet should be juicy meaty bones since they contain both: calcium and phosphorous.


Rule # 2: organs provide the multi-vitamins

Organs are the most nutrient-rich parts of the anima, and with them missing, your dog could be facing serious nutrition deficiency consequences. Anywhere between 10%-30%, organ meat is good enough to provide all vitamins, and fortunately, Bone Appetit Raw has just the right amount.


Rule # 3: Muscle meat is the core

With the bones and organs taken care of, the rest of the diet should be lean meats. These meats are rich in proteins that form the basis for muscle formation. It also supports enzymes and hormones to flourish healthily.


Rule # 4: keep an eye on the fat

Fat has terrific benefits for your dog as it helps with immune and nerve function and is critical for skin health. However, it carries twice the calories as proteins and should be kept within a healthy limit. Anything more than 20% is too much.


Rule # 5: fruits and veggies? – Your choice

By following the first four rules, your dog will get a balanced enough diet with appropriate vitamins and minerals. But your dog can get more if you add fruits and vegetables; otherwise, it’s all good. Any raw pet food that contains fruits and veggies is preferable, but your dog can do pretty well without them.


Rule # 6: starch free

Starchy foods like potatoes and peas aren’t suitable for your dog, and their amount should be as limited as possible. A lot of starch can cause fat to be stored, which isn’t favorable for digestive health.


Rule # 7: balance

As for human beings, a balanced diet is equally important for dogs too. Balance takes time, and every meal doesn’t have to be balanced as long as your dog’s nutritional needs are being met over the course of a few days.


Once you’re done taking care of all that’s mentioned, you can sit back and relax. This is the most important rule and pretty easy to follow If you stick to rules 1 through 7. Your dog will be hooked on raw pet food, plus you can start as soon as possible.


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